10/6/2017 The new Dream glas bottle

Another new member of the SIGG family is the all new DREAM bottle.

The new SIGG glas bottle is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass and allows for pure drinking pleasure, just like the SIGG Star. The bottle material is free from harmful substances such as, estrogen active substances and phthalates. The One-Twist Top makes it easy to open and its dishwasher safe. The soft silicone cover not only feels good to the hand but at the same time offers shock protection for the bottle. Thanks to the wide mouth opening it’s a must for all smoothie lovers.



           SIGG Star Glass Water Bottle - Scarlet Color

We have already tested some recipes for smoothies and have our favourite ready for you:

  • 50g Superfood mix (spinach, kale, cress)
  • 10g Chia seeds
  • ½ pineapple
  • 100ml coconut water
  • 50ml cold water
Put everything in a mixer, whizz it up, fill up your Dream bottle and enjoy the taste!


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