The small wonder

SIGG bottles are innovative, functional, go-anywhere and totally suited for leisure and sporting activities. Small wonder, then, that the market leader is also the winner in consumer tests and sets the competitive pace – just as one would expect of a true original.

The first bottle in the truest sense of the word. SIGG bottles: the original. Often copied but never matched, because behind each bottle is Swiss know-how and pure high-tech.


Basic Bottle Features

New Active Top

Smart drinking system

State-of-the-art engineering with pressure relief valve and pre-ventilation. No, we’re not talking about rocket propulsion but rather some of the technologies integrated into our New Active Top bottle closure system. The integrated straw gives you easy access to your beverage without having to lift or tilt your bottle.

The new top is also leak-proof even if you turn the bottle on its head. Which is great for all athletes, drivers and kids. With this top, having to unscrew your bottle is a thing of the past, so you can simply reach for your beverage whenever you get thirsty — without taking your eyes off the road and without the risk of spilling. Looks like the Swiss reinvented the water bottle. Well, almost.



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